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Playful learning and joyful connection

I've spent the last few years sharing my improv knowledge in different ways. I've done courses, workshops, social media posts, coursebooks, blogs etc.

But I've realised what I've been missing, it's community! What I always want from improv is that connection with other improvisers.

When I teach a course I get to meet these incredible improvisers and then quite often they're gone after a few weeks.

And I know there's lots of improvisers out there that are missing that connection too. Maybe there's not much improv in their area or they can't attend many courses, perhaps they're a parent or have a chronic condition. There's so many of us out there wanting an improv community.

So that is why I am creating the Improv Geekery Patreon account. Patreon is an online space where creators build memberships by providing exclusive access to their work and a deeper connection with their communities The aim of the Improv Geekery Patreon account is to create a community of people where we can connect and playfully learn together.

The Patreon will have 3 tiers, the geeks, the nerds and the superfreaks! Each tier has it's own benefits that you have access to. I'll be going into more detail about each of the benefits over the course of the month but here's an initial break down.

Geeks - £5 a month plus VAT

In the Spotlight Guide - Mini guides about different improv topics that you can print at home

The Lexicon game guide - a weekly post featuring a new game/warm up/exercise so you can build up your own improv encyclopedia

Brew and Biscuits - our monthly virtual meet up where we hang out, geek out and chat about our favourite biscuits!

Improv Education - Got an improv problem or question? Send it to Katy the improv agony aunt and tune in for her thoughts, recommendations and musings.

Nerds - £10 a month + VAT

All of the Geek benefits plus:

Watch Alongs - Hang out with your fellow improvisers as we geek out and watch online improv together

DIY improv - Your improv homework! Videos recorded by Katy that feature improv exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Super Freaks - £15 a month + VAT

All of the Geek and Nerd benefits plus:

Themed events - Celebrate your favourite times of the year with improv workshops, game nights and watch alongs!

Genre drill downs - Focusing on a different genre each month we explore what makes each genre unique

There will more information popping up on social media pages during October so make sure you check it out. If you have any questions please get in touch, i'd love to hear them!

Happy improvising,

Katy x

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