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3 group warm ups

Here is a quick post with 3 great group warm ups. I love doing warm ups at the start of an improv class, they are a great way to get us out of our heads and back into our bodies and the moment so we can start to improvise.

  1. Word Association - This is possibly my all time favourite warm up and we do it in every single one of my classes. You start by standing in a circle (or deciding the order in on zoom) and the first person says a word. The next person associates with that word, you don't need to be clever or funny. You can repeat words at any time and the association doesn't need to make sense to anyone else. This keeps repeating throughout the game e.g. Cat Dog Walk Feet Shoe etc This warm up game is great because everyone has to be listening and in the moment, you can't plan ahead because the word will have changed when it reaches you.

  2. Whoosh suck - This is a very funny and silly game. You stand in a circle and one person starts by sending a whooshing noise to anyone in the circle. The person receiving it then makes a slurping, sucking sort of noise! They then pass it on to someone else by making a whooshing noise again. This keeps repeating with everyone passing a whoosh and receive a suck noise. The beautiful thing about this game is the way the sounds slowly begin to evolve. You can be passing a ball, a paper aeroplane, a kiss etc and the noises begin to change too. It can be a very physical and funny game where people yes and each offer.

  3. Hot Spot - This is another of my favourite games. Hot spot is a singing game that isn't about singing! One brave soul starts off my singing a song in the middle of the circle, it can be any song (a nursery rhyme, pop song, song in another language, Christmas carol). The aim is for another improviser to save them by tagging them out and starting to sing a new song in the middle of the circle. You might associate with artist, genre, a word or any song that pops into your head. You can know the whole song or just one word because the aim is your fellow improvisers will save you! Keep repeating until you've had enough. This game can be very tricky at first. It can be really hard to think of a song when another song is being sung. But when you get good at this you can bring in dancing or being backing singers for each other which really is a giggle!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I hope to improvise with you soon!

Katy x

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