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3 Story telling exercises

Here are 3 quick story telling exercises that will really help you improve your story telling skills.

  1. The Storyspine by Kenn Adams. I absolutely adore this exercise, it is a beautifully simple way of telling stories and the more you practice it, the more your subconscious takes in the structure of a story!

Once upon a time

Every day

Until one day

Because of this

Because of this

Because of this (as many as you need)

Until finally

Ever since that day

2. 2 word story. This can be played it pairs or more and feels completely different to doing a one word story! Each improviser adds to the story by using just two words a time. This exercise completely slows us down and forces us to be present and in the moment. It is impossible to preplan!

3. Scarf story. This is a fun game to play! Stand or sit in a circle and using a scarf (or any other object that can be passed or carefully thrown!) you tell a story. Only the person holding the scarf can tell the story. You could say one word or a whole paragraph. You obviously have to really listen and not be up in your head trying to pre plan. The fun thing about this game is playing around with stopping mid sentence and also not knowing who will tell the next part of the story.

I hope you enjoying playing these exercises, they’re a lot of fun and will really help your story telling skills.

If you’d like to learn more about narrative Longform check out my upcoming Once upon a time course.

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