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3 ways to improve your improv

So here's a quick blog with 3 ways to improve your improv

  1. Find a hobby (or 2!) outside of improv! A great way to improve our improv is to have some other interests outside of improv, this helps us to become well rounded people and improvisers. These hobbies could be related to improv such as writing or taking acting classes but it's also awesome to try things that are completely different, crochet or badminton anyone? You'll be surprised at how these hobbies start to filter back in and improve your improv!

  2. Watch improv. There are so many incredible improv groups out there and watching other people is a brilliant way to be inspired and to learn. Try to make sure you see a variety of improv too (improv festivals are a great way to do this). Check out short form, longform, a Harold, Narrative improv, solo shows, duos, groups, genre inspired, monologues. There is so much to choose from and you will learn so much from it.

  3. Take classes with different teachers. All improvisation teachers approach improv different, they all have their own style and passion. You can learn so much by learning with different teachers, some you might like and some might not be for you but you will learn something from each teacher. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut just playing with the same people every week and a new insight can really help inspire you.

I hope you've enjoyed these 3 suggestions and I look forward to hearing about your hobbies soon!

Katy x

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