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Happy October

The year is flying by and Autumn is finally here.

I'm full of cold and my head feels like it's full of cotton wool but hopefully that won't be for long.

It's going to be a busy October for We Are Improv. I'm celebrating 11 years of teaching and We Are Improv. I've come along way since those first classes at the Friends Meeting House in Lancaster. It's a good time to reflect on everything that I've achieved and to look at what I want to achieve going forward.

I also had 3 new courses start at the end of September so I'm busy teaching Artemis One, Wanderlust and Improv Minimalism courses this month. There's such a wonderful mix of my improvisers on the courses, some old faces and some new! I adore teaching new improvisers and it's also wonderful to see familiar faces, it's such a big compliment when improvisers come back!

It can be a difficult time of year and the transition to Autumn can be hard. I know I've had a difficult few weeks with illness (thanks school and nursery for all the germs!) and I'm preparing myself for the next month or two to be the same.

I'm trying to focus on being more organised with my improv admin this month. Starting to post regular blogs and sending out regular emails. So hopefully you'll be reading a lot more of me this month.

I hope you are all well and your October is filled with hot chocolate, leaf crunching and carving pumpkins!

Take care and I'll see you soon,

Katy x

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