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Quarterly theme

It’s now October, the days are getting darker, the leaves have started changing colour and we’ve had a lot of rain!

Now we’re coming to the end of the year I’ve found myself reflecting on what I’ve done this year and what I want to achieve with my improv in the last few months, in the last quarter of the year.

There’s a technique you can use where you assign each quarter of the year with an over arching theme, word or goal to help you move in the direction you want to go.

I think it’s a great idea and something that can be used both professionally and personally. I think it can be useful for us all on our improv journeys whether that be to create or grow your own improv groups or to grow as an improviser.

Here are a few questions to get you started!

What do you want to achieve over the next 3 months?

What is important to you?

What direction do you want or head in?

I want to share mine with you. It’s Routine and Structure.

The last few months have felt chaotic. We’ve sold our apartment and moved in with my parents and I’m honestly still reeling from having a baby during lockdown! I’ve been really craving routine and structure and the comfort that they can bring.

Because I’ve been so busy and juggling so much I’ve been struggling to give my improv the time it needs and deserves. Over the next 3 months I’m going to focus on giving myself more structure and routine.

I’m naturally someone who pushes against too much structure or routine so I’m not going to do anything to rigid.

So I’ve started by scheduling must social media posts which is a big help and really frees up some mental headspace.

I’ve also signed up to a 7 week course where I can fully commit time and energy into learning. It can be easy as a teacher to spend all your time in teacher mode and not be a student.

What’s is your theme for the this quarter going to be?

I’d love to hear yours!

Katy x

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