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Improv Superpowers

What is your improv superpower?

Too often with our improv we can be too critical. I wasn’t funny enough. That character was too much like myself. I should have made that bold choice.

We focus on the negatives and mentally best ourselves up. We compare ourselves to other improvisers, we get frustrated at our performances and we get irritated by our lack of skills.

We don’t have our own backs.

But what if we take a minute to step back. If we look at just how far we’ve come from the first moment we said Yes and…

Last week I was looking at improv superpowers that my Improviser’s Year group had written about themselves. It was so exciting and utterly delightful to read what they’d written.

My improv superpower is my ability to make people feel safe in scenes ❤️⠀

I always look after my partner and anyone who comes to my classes. I think I’m pretty good at judging when someone is uncomfortable or not having fun. My spidey senses start tingling 🕷 ⠀⠀

I’m a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) which sometimes in life can be tough. I feel things really deeply (I can’t watch the news because it really upsets me), I get overstimulated by loud sounds/environments and I can feel other peoples emotions to name a few. But in improv it is absolutely a super power. It makes me be very aware of other peoples feelings. ⠀

My other superpower is telling stories. I instinctively know where the story needs to go, it kinda feels like the story has already been written and I’m following where it takes me.

When I think of my improv superpowers it makes me feel excited to improvise. I stop being bogged down by the negativity and start to think about the positives. Because let’s face it improv is meant to be fun, that’s why we got into it in the first place!

So today take sometime to think about your improv superpowers. What are you awesome at? Why are you fun to play with? What do you bring to the stage?

I’d love to hear what your superpowers are because I know you’ve got them ❤️ you’ve just got to let them shine!

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