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My favourite pre show moment

Before I had my boys We Are Improv used to perform every other month. I’d hire a local performance space and create new formats for our shows. I loved performing, the buzz was amazing but jeez there’s a lot of organisation required. If you have a teacher that organises shows for you please take a minute to say thank you because they really deserve it!

When we performed regularly I would be the first person at the venue. I would arrive early and begin all the prep work. I’d arrange the tables and the seating, switch on the spotlights, put audience suggestion sheets, pens, sweets and business cards on the tables, check the sound system, set up the ticket office with spare change. All of the tiny jobs that need doing before a show.

Then I would sit on the stage. I would see the dust dancing in the glow of the spotlights and feel the warmth of the lights on my skin. I would breathe in the silence, feeling the warm welcome of the blackout curtain that circled the room.

Those moments were my favourite, before the audience or my fellow improvisers arrived. When I was alone in the space, feeling the excitement and nerves fluttering around in my stomach. The room holding its breath waiting for the show to begin.

There were so many of these moments over the years that they became sacred, a little ritual that I would do before every show. The familiarity felt grounding and comforting.

At this point we used a professional performance space with a stage, lights, blackout curtains, a bar outside so these moments were special.

Prior to this we performed in sticky floored pubs, school class rooms and church halls. None of those had the same magic. The stage, the lights and the curtains truly made the space come alive.

My last show was on the 28th October 2016, wow that is a truly terrifying date… Nearly 6 years ago but it feels like yesterday. One day I will begin performing again. But for the moment I have the memories.

The memories of those perfect little moments that were filled with joy and anticipation and a heavy scattering of fear. Those were the moments I knew that I was truly an improviser ❤️

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