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Word of the year

I’ve always been shockingly bad with New Year’s resolution, I’d try and give myself some resolutions and usually I’d set myself things that were too difficult and I’d fall at the first hurdle.

So instead I started to choose a word for the year ahead. This word is like an over arching theme for the year, something that I want to focus on and explore.

The beauty of this is there is no pressure. You can’t fail because there is no end goal, there is no right or wrong just an opportunity to explore.

For 2023 I have picked the word - Connection.

In the latter part of 2022 I was struggling with my teaching, I was feeling disconnected and spending a lot of my time up in my head worrying about the quality of my teaching. So in 2023 I’m aiming to lean into the joy of teaching again, trying to take some of the pressure off my need to be perfect/professional and having more fun teaching and improvising.

I also picked connection because I want to begin to create a We Are Improv community. I teach lots of incredible people and often loose touch after courses so I want to create a way to stay connected. I want to create a space to chat about improv, to share We Are Improv news and so I could share my improv inspirations.

Connection feels like the perfect word for 2023 for me.

What is your word of the year? I’d love the hear it!

Katy x

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