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Am I the only one who struggles with improv books?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

I love reading. I will happily sit for hours lost in a good bok.

But I must be honest, I find reading improv books hard!

It doesn't matter how well written they are I just struggle to understand the concepts, find it hard to stay focused and find that I don't remember a lot of it when I've finished.

I definitely learn by doing or listening!

So I set myself a challenge.

How could I share my improv knowledge in a fun and exciting way?

What content would I enjoy creating?

What ways could I help people learn that wasn't just reading a book?

And from those questions sprung the Improv Geekery Patreon!

From a little jumble of things that I thought would be fun grew the idea for an online space that focused on sharing improv knowledge in a fun and playful way.

There will be videos of improv you can do at home, audio recordings answering your improv questions, online meet ups, watch alongs and more

If any of you remember the kids filofaxes of the 1990's then you're in for a treat" I've got a DIY for you to make at home and each month you'll get a new fact book to stick in it!

If this sounds like fun then come and join me for the launch on the 1st November.

You can find out more here.

I hope to see you there!

Katy x

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